The Art And Discipline of Unleashing Your Potential And Achieving Your Goals

Are you fed up with setting your goals and not having the drive to get them? Do you find yourself making the same goals year after year, but not getting any closer than the last time? So many people find themselves in a vicious cycle of constantly trying to achieve a goal but never getting there because of the lack of motivation. It’s not that they can’t get motivated but that they haven’t found how to leverage their mind to work FOR them rather than against them!

This book is unlike any other motivation book out there. Instead of giving you a long and boring book filled with all the fluff, it only contains the most practical and actionable strategies you can take away from the first chapter. In fact, this book is not meant to be finished in one sitting. Since the goal is to get you motivated and taking action, you can start with only the first section and build momentum to being a motivated machine!

This book takes you through a progression of steps that can be in split up into 3 parts: what you can do today, what you can do this week, and then the long term strategies for more longer lasting motivation!