6 Mind Altering YouTube Channels For the Curious And Creative

Written by Gilberto Rosas on September 12, 2016

2 min  read

Like many of you, I really enjoy watching YouTube videos and sometimes I find myself looking for more thought provoking and mentally stimulating content that challenges my mind and creates new pathways of creativity and perspective about my experience and the world around me. Here are 6 great YouTube channels that are sure to spark the inspiration for great thoughts and even better actions!

1. Shots of Awe

It is amazing to see someone be so entranced in a focused thought or idea and then capture that spontaneous moment to the world. Jason Silva has provided such an experience around alternate views of the world and what the future has in store for it.

2. Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

This channel creates some of the most unique and creative videos I’ve ever seen. They put words to experiences that can be felt but hardly described. It’s feelings we all have but have trouble putting into words and that’s exactly what this channel does!

3. School of Life

If Plato were alive today, he would be the editor in chief for this channel. Essentially, it explores very different topics dealing with the human condition and can often delve deep into the depths of philosophy. If you’re naturally curious you might find yourself spending hours clicking away at YouTube’s recommended list for this channel.

4. Seeker Stories

Do you ever walk down the street and you see people wonder what they’re story is and what they’ve been through that led them to where they are in this moment in time? It’s fascinating to hear the stories of people from all walks of life. It allows you to expand your perspective and get a quick glimpse of the big picture.


This is just a bonus that I think you might find interesting. Although it’s an Instagram page, I still think you’ll really enjoy it! I was scrolling down my Discover page when I found a captivating picture of what seemed to be a random person off the street and below was a very interesting story of the person’s background and the struggles and adversities they have had to face. But what was perhaps the most fascinating is the fact that it makes you realize that we all facing a similar human experience. We all have times of joy and happiness and we all have times of setbacks and comebacks.

5. ASAP Science

I’ve always been fascinated by how stuff works. I remember as a kid I would garb a magazine of HowStuffWorks and read it beginning to end in one sitting with my eyes never leaving the page. I consider to be the visual version of that on YouTube. I get absolutely hooked. I might even find myself watching video after related after related video. 


This channel really satisfies any innate philosophical craving you might have for all you deep thinkers out there. It is a burst of wisdom with a spiritual twist and a touch contrarian philosophy to it. It will open your mind to other ideas that you perhaps haven’t considered just yet and it is in that moment when you are presented with new ideas that other ideas start to be born in your mind.


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