What Sailing the 7 Seas Can Teach Us About Success

Written by Gilberto Rosas on May 30, 2016

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I’ve always been fascinated with ships ever since I was a little kid. I really don’t know why I was that amazed by a ship. I mean, it’s really just a big boat right? Perhaps what I found fascinating was that it was a man made vehicle meant to maneuver through the relentless, not to mention, vast 7 seas with ease and grace. Here’s 5 things that sailing the 7 seas can teach us about our own journeys of achievement…

1. Stop resistance

A ship doesn’t seek to resist nature but flow with it. Because of that, it gets to where it wants. We can do this by adapting to our environment. Working with what we’re given and not being static and rigid but rather free, flowing, and dynamic. Always adjusting. Figure out what works for you, not others, and then continue do that until the environment gives you a reason to do otherwise. I know that sometimes the surroundings may be stacked against you but you have to play the hands you’re dealt. If you have an unfair disadvantage, work harder and hustle relentlessly.

2. A rising tide rises all ships

Similar to a huge tide elevating the ships, an individual can elevate others. A powerful leader seeks to bring others up and not push them down. The result being a band of leaders lifting each other up! There is no use in bringing others down because what goes around comes around. If you bring others down around you, you have just created a toxic environment which, in turn, will affect you and hinder you success. Ever heard that you are the average of your five closest friends? If you operate under this premise, it makes complete sense to lift others because as a result, you’ll be further lifting yourself in the process. 

3. Direction is just as important as destination

A ship can be the best made for any seafaring voyage but if it’s bearing is wrong it will never get to its destination. Often times, I find myself trying to really evaluate as best as I can whether the direction I’m headed is actually where I want to go. That kind of constant evaluation will save years of going down the wrong path and ending up somewhere completely in life and wondering where you went wrong. Perhaps you know someone who has taken too many wrong turns and now they are stuck at a dead end with nowhere to go? Reflection and self awareness are powerful tools for direction. Use them often and you won’t have to end up at a dead end.

4. The sea doesn’t care about you

Similarly, life doesn’t care. Things always happen and sometimes even at the most inconvenient times. It doesn’t matter who you are. That’s why preparation is absolutely key. A loser tries to handle a situation right when it happens and a winner anticipates a situation and prepares for the worst. This doesn’t guarantee that nothing bad will happen but it will definitely soften the blow and be better off than someone who didn’t prepare.

5. Make sure there’s no holes!

If you look at a ship from a distance, it looks microscopic compared to the vast ocean. All that water everywhere around this relatively small ship and it doesn’t sink. Why? Because it’s watertight. There are no holes in the ship for the water to come in. Your mind and body is the  vessel you maneuver day to day and sometimes encounter unfavorable situations that might get most people stressed and ruins their day. But not you because you understand that emotions only affect you if you let them. The emotion you have at any given moment is your choice remember that. No one has control over how you think and feel unless you let them.

Your mind and body is a vessel and you are the captain. Remember that. You have control of where you maneuver and make moves. The environment might try to shake you up but your internal reaction is far more important than external circumstance. 



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