What Physics Has Taught Me About Success

Written by Gilberto Rosas on December 4, 2015

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Physics is a science that shows us that the world is not all chaos. In fact, there are certain laws and principles that govern the universe and provide structure among all the uncertainty.

For example, you already know that if you’re on the 19th floor of a building, you will die if you jump off. You didn’t need to learn the lesson by trial and error, you just knew that the law of gravity applies to everyone and everything and that you are no different.

Although, it may seem unfortunate that the world puts these limits on you, don’t do yourself the disservice of limiting yourself. Learn the rules, and you will find that you can use them to your advantage. 

To provide you with more insight, here are Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion and how they relate to your success !

1. An object in motion stays in motion, An object at rest stays at rest

Simply put, if you don’t change, the circumstances in your life won’t either. 

Which means you must exert the force of yourself onto your life. Make a change and push the direction of your life to where you see yourself in the future. If you don’t you will stay exactly where you are, it’s how things work. Which means take action now. The minute you feel motivated to do something, do it. Many people make the mistake of telling themselves, “I’ll do it later” when in reality, what are the chances you are going to change your mind down the line. Aren’t you going to be the same person, won’t you still have the same beliefs, wants, and mindsets? Chances are if you said no before, you will say it again.

Save yourself a lot of time wasted by just taking ONE step.

It doesn’t matter if it’s something as simple as doing 5 push ups on your road to someday getting a six pack. Even Arnold had to start with just the bar. He didn’t start by putting a ridiculous amount of weight, and then pushing it off from his chest. We are all human, and we MUST start somewhere, but we must start now. Get the ball rolling….

2. The momentum principle

I won’t bore you with the details but through the use of some calculus, Newton was able to derive this momentum principle from the famous F=ma. What he showed us by doing this is how momentum plays a role in objects that are moved. Momentum can be easily described by the snowball effect. You move a snowball, and it gets exponentially bigger. Same concept here. In ANYTHING you do, this principle guarantees that it will be easier and much less of a hassle then when you first started. Here’s the process:

1. You start something that you’ve never done before and you’re not very good at it and you know very little about it but you start anyway. You notice that there are a lot of mistakes and the metaphorical ball is at a point where you’re having trouble getting the damn thing to budge.

2. You keep at it, maybe not as consistently but you keep going. And as you keep going, you start learn more and more. You study it and learn from others. This gives you lessons that stack up on top of each other. Each lesson connecting to every other lesson and you begin to see progress!

3. As you keep pushing this snowball, you begin to have much more power (knowledge and experience) to push this “snowball” and in no time you’re seeing results like crazy!!

BUT BEWARE: Although this process holds no time frame. It may take you 20 years to go through this progression or even just a couple months. It is solely dependent on you.

3. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction

Cause and effect: A law that cannot be broken.

Do one thing and something else will happen as a result. Nothing happens on this Earth without a cause. Billionaires don’t just “get lucky.” People don’t just “get rich.” There are certain steps, lessons, and levels of understanding that had to happen in order for that person to get where they are. Lucky for all us, we can recreate the same steps they took and apply it to our lives.

In this day and age there is absolutely NO EXCUSE whatsoever for not finding information that will help you get where you want to be. More and more millionaires and billionaires are publishing books that detail their journey to success. Reading these books will help to instill the lessons of success into your mind.

When you take so much action, you are guaranteed a result. What that result will be is completely dependent on what kind of action you were taking. This might seem like common sense but the fact of the matter is that we live in a world where common sense is VERY uncommon and some of the best advice one can receive is hidden in plain sight through what we call old sayings. But there is a reason why those phrases have stood untouched by Father Time.


Murphy’s Law

Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. So plan ahead. 

It only makes sense to plan when you don’t need to so that when you do need to, you already have. Why save until the last minute, the more you wait, the more the consequences will be. But keep in mind, you’re not only preparing for the worst but you’re preparing for the best. Opportunities present themselves, all the time but many either (a) don’t recognize them or (b) don’t act on them. Prepare yourself and the fruits of your labor will reward you in abundant proportions. 

Question to contemplate: Many times, we have something we keep thinking about. Something we just REALLY want. What is your one thing you want right now and what is the action (no matter how small) that you can begin to take right now ?

The opportunities are waiting for you……


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